Sunday, 6 May 2012

Doesn't time fly?

Thought I'd pop by, it's been a while hasn't it? All good with me. Cancer wise, all quiet and I've not had any treatment for a year now. My 7th anniversary looms... I'm touching wood, saluting magpies, not walking under ladders and other well known remedies for staying cancer free. If I was to believe everything I read in the media I'd never eat, drink or do anything remotely interesting. Sod that!! I'll whisper the next bit... I'm enjoying my job again. Yes, really!! Who'd have thought!? Good times :)

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Doris said...

Time sure does fly! I'm tentatively clicking on links from my blog as I've been absent for so long and was delighted to read your updates. Congratulations on the 7th anniversary, doing all the right things such as not walking under ladders, and then the comment about the M&S dine in offer made me chuckle. It's great to know that you have retained a sense of humour. The most gobsmacking news is about your job. One wonders what that period of hell was about?!

Happy caravanning, auntying and everything else. :-)